Does order size matter?

It is true that China has low prices on many items relative to the rest of the world. However, small order sizes do not tend to garner effective cost gains unless the items are of particularly high unit value. Suppliers are simply unwilling to go through the effort of producing a small quantity of items that have low unit value unless they can ensure a reasonable rate of return. This is particularly true if the RFQ contemplates creating something that is new and requires design and development costs. As a result, prices tend to be less competitive on such items. Additionally, the cost of shipment per unit is much higher on small quantities and may in some cases eat up any gains obtained through international sourcing. As a rule of thumb we take up orders if the order value is a minimum of $ 1000 dollars.

Is it possible to find an exact replica of what I want?

We try as much as possible and we have 80% hit rate. However, even when RFQs concern fairly common items, it is frequently difficult to find exactly the style or design a client wishes. The item in question may even already come from China. However, there are many factories and China is a big country. It will frequently be difficult to find an exact replica of an item or picture. The more insistent a client about the exactitude of the item requested, the less likely it will be to find and the more costly to reproduce. Though it is sometimes impossible to accept substitutes (e.g., repeat orders every year), in general a willingness to pursue similar items will provide cheaper, faster, and more results in most cases.

What is the ideal order size?

It depends on product to product, as a rule of thumb, it makes economical to order goods if the value of the order is USD 2000. However on certain items like pen drives we do orders even for MOQ of 100 pcs which can be lower than even USD 600

The developed countries in the world have acknowledged the huge purchasing opportunity Hongkong, China and Taiwan represents, that's unmatched the world over by the sheer nature of its vast labour pool, first-rate infrastructure and an outstanding logistics system coupled with its fast production learning curve. No wonder that bulk of the retail and promotional merchandise sourcing of Fortune 500 companies happens from there.

As Indian brands and companies go global, it's only a matter of time before Indian companies would look to match the innovative product offerings and sourcing efficiencies of its western counterparts for retail as well as promotional merchandise.

While International sourcing does presents that opportunity, what's less well established is what it truly takes for companies and individuals alike to steadfastly negotiate the often-complicated and complex International market and supply chain. International sourcing is not everybody's game. To succeed requires a skill set of intangibles only acquired with "on the ground" experience.

It's here where World One Sourcing (HK) aims to bridge the gap

WorldOne Sourcing (HK) Ltd is a international trading house offering Retail and Promotional Procurement Services with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Hong Kong, Shanghai , Ningbo, Guangzhou, Yiwu .

Staffed by both Indians and procurement specialists from Hongkong, WorldOne Sourcing (HK) ensures a trustworthy and professional International sourcing mechanism through which Indian companies may take full advantage of Hongkong/China/Taiwan purchasing for retail or promotional merchandise while minimizing risks by sourcing through an Indian company which best understands both Indian business requirements and International business sourcing.


Our Commitment

WorldOne Sourcing (HK) Ltd. is committed to source new, innovative and 'ONLY' quality merchandise at the best prices for promotional and retail requirements of its clients while adhering to time bound deliveries at competitive cost thereby providing its customers a hassle free sourcing solution which can help them differentiate their merchandise in the market and win market/ mind share.

WorldOne Sourcing (HK) Ltd. aims to be the preferred retail or promotional sourcing partner for top 500 companies in India by the end of this decade

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